AccountsCo’s Young Entrepreneurs Club

Helping young entrepreneurs to build successful businesses


Helping young entrepreneurs succeed in business

We recently set-up AccountsCo’s Young Entrepreneur Club to help young adults (up to the age of 25) who live in London learn, start and succeed in business. The idea of the club is to provide affordable (usually there is no cost) guidance and encouragement from our team and our clients. When the time is right, if your idea is good enough, we can help with finding investment.

How we support young entrepreneurs

Our aim is to help support young entrepreneurs by:

  • providing guidance on administrative and commercial aspects of a business;
  • help young people build collaborative and supportive relationships;
  • make it easier to raise finance; and
  • provide general support and encouragement when times are hard.

The club has an active Instagram following

The club’s events are focused around knowledge and training. There’s also an active Instagram following where regular updates on the progress of other entrepreneurs and related news events are posted.


Starting in Business (workshop)

12 March 2022


The Key to Selling (workshop)

6 May 2022


Maintaining Financial Control (workshop)

10 June 2022


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