Our staff are unashamedly ambitious

Business builder or trainee: if you’re talented, driven and 100% professional then call us

We are on the look-out for talented, driven individuals whose goals are aligned with ours. If you want to become (or already are) a highly regarded professional and you are 100% committed to your profession then we would like to meet with you.

Opportunities for business leaders

Our goals are ambitious. To meet them we need business leaders that can drive our businesses forward. If you have the expertise and drive needed to grow a business and wish to have a stake in a fast growing professional service company then let us know.

Opportunities for employees

If you’re a talented and multilingual and you can demonstrate expertise and commitment in one of our core service areas then you might fit well within our team. If you would like to learn more about us please click here.

University placements and work experience

We provide short-term (minimum three months) university placements and work experience opportunities to talented individuals who would like to gain experience of working in the UK as part of their studies. Typically, you will have been awarded an Erasmus or a similar grant and will be about to complete your studies. If you’re in this position and would like to join us please click here.


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