Our services — Start-up Services

We help companies set up in the UK

We provide the initial advice and all of the company and tax registration services that you will need

We are a firm of UK Chartered Accountants, Tax Advisers and Auditors that specialise in helping non-UK companies and individuals set-up and expand their activities in the UK. This has always been, and remains, our core service.

We help overseas companies set up and grow in the UK

We help UK businesses that are owned by overseas companies and entrepreneurs to set up and grow in the UK. We’ve won various awards because of our expertise in this area.

“Leading Advisor for Non-UK Business Start Ups”

AI Global Excellence Awards 2019

“Best UK Advisor to Overseas Entrepreneurs”

Finance Monthly Magazine – M&A Awards 2019

Leading Expert in UK Customs Procedures”

London Prestige Awards 2019/20

“International Personal Tax – Adviser of the Year UK”

Finance Monthly Magazine M&A Awards 2019

AccountsCo’s strength is its focus on international companies

We believe that we are particularly suited to international businesses because we deal with non-UK businesses operating in the UK on a daily basis. This means that we thoroughly understand the UK aspects of international trade, tax, VAT and law and that we have a good knowledge of many other countries’ rules and regulations.

Assistance with starting up

We provide assistance with all aspects of starting a business in the UK, from providing initial consultancy through to incorporating (creating) a standalone company  and dealing with all of the necessary tax and other registrations through to, if necessary, company closure.

International expertise

We deal with international VAT, tax, duties and payroll issues on a daily basis.

English may not be your first language

If English isn’t your first language, we often have a staff member available that can discuss matters with you in your language.

Two countries may want to tax you

Your home country and the UK will probably wish to be involved in your affairs and both may want to tax you. We understand international tax law and can help you do things right so that you pay as little tax as you are allowed to.

You may not know the UK or the European rules

We do not assume that you understand the UK or the European rules and regulations.


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